Algorithms for Composers

New music for two harpsichords compilation


Composing for two harpsichords: some tips from the workshop – November 2017

Writing for everyone – Dylan Christopher, November 2017

Playing the new stuff! – Dylan Christopher, October 2017

Obituary: Roy Teed 1928-2017 – Alan Bullard, July 2017

Beaks and Quills re-invented: a new repertoire for recorder quartet with harpsichord – Alexander Blustin, March 2017

Notes from workshop on composing for harpsichord and recorder quartet – Alexander Blustin/Stephen Watkins, November 2015

Some thoughts on writing for harpsichord in contemporary and non-traditional styles – Stephen Watkins, November 2015

The Face of Grief – four performances and a Radio 3 broadcast, all within a month! – Tim Torry, August 2015

Piano Project 2014: report and analysis of pieces submitted and performed and the presentational factors affecting their accessibility for aspirant performers – Dylan Christopher, April 2015

Notes on the performances by Bespoke Brass at the Headgate Theatre on Saturday 13th July 2013 – Alan Parsons, August 2013

Composers, Performers and Machines – Alan Parsons, June 2012

Some Thoughts On The Colchester New Music Day 2011 – Alan Parsons and Alan Bullard, May 2011

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