Mark Bellis

Mark Bellis, originally from Flintshire, studied for a PhD in Composition with David Lumsdaine at Durham, and taught at sixth-form colleges in Sheffield and Poole, Dorset. From 2005, he was a lecturer at Colchester Institute before retiring in 2018.

Link to Mark’s PhD thesis including scores and commentary.

Selected works (with performers):

Cantata for Orchestra (BBC National Orchestra of Wales)
The Crescent Moon (Paul Parfitt, baritone, and student ensemble)
Music for Bass Clarinet (David Campbell)
Glittering of Spring (Phoenix Wind Quintet and Locrian String Quartet with Helel Tunstall, Harp)
Motet (Gemini)
Missa Fiorentina (Sheffield Bach Choir and Nigel Gotteri, Organ)
Tsunemasa (Cirrus)
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (Richard Ingham and Alan Cuckston)
Shakkyo (Kokoro – players from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra)
Unto Us a Boy is Born (Bournemouth Symphony Chorus)
Theme and Variations (Bingham String Quartet)
The Royal Banners Forward Go (Collegium Vocale and Bev Manning, Organ)
Graduation Toccata (Tom Bell, Organ)
Bread of Heaven (The Colne Singers)
Preces and Responses (St Pancras Church Choir)
Hymn of St Magnus (The Colne Singers)
St Pancras Toccata (Peter Foggitt, Organ)
In Faith I Quiet Wait (Hampstead Church Choir)
Theme, Chorale and Prelude (Douglas Tang, Organ)
The Genealogy of Christ for choir (Erasmus Chamber Choir); for chamber ensemble (Tim Torry, Baritone, Charles Hine, Clarinet and Alan Bullard, Piano)

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