Alan G. Parsons (1931-2021)

We are sad to announce the death on 1 September 2021 of CNM’s co-founder, Alan G. Parsons, at the age of 90. Alan’s decades of work as a composition teacher, and promoter of new music in East Anglia, leaves a legacy of generations of younger composers who have forged their own musical paths. We takeContinue reading “Alan G. Parsons (1931-2021)”

Obituary: Roy Teed (1928-2017)

Alan Bullard writes: All regulars at concerts in Colchester will remember the ‘Bravo’ voiced in stentorian tones at the end of every performance. The voice was that of Roy Teed, who has died aged 89. Roy was born in Surrey and, after national service with the RAF, studied composition with Lennox Berkeley at the RoyalContinue reading “Obituary: Roy Teed (1928-2017)”