Alan G. Parsons (1931-2021)

We are sad to announce the death on 1 September 2021 of CNM’s co-founder, Alan G. Parsons, at the age of 90. Alan’s decades of work as a composition teacher, and promoter of new music in East Anglia, leaves a legacy of generations of younger composers who have forged their own musical paths. We takeContinue reading “Alan G. Parsons (1931-2021)”

Composing for two harpsichords: article in Sounding Board

An article on CNM’s two harpsichords call for scores has appeared in Issue 13 of Sounding Board, the newsletter of the British Harpsichord Society. It is downloadable free from the BHS website here. Based upon our experience with the call, the article also discusses a number of typical problems with submissions, and provides a rangeContinue reading “Composing for two harpsichords: article in Sounding Board”

Piano Project 2018: An afternoon of new music

Piano Project 2018 is the third Piano Project event run by Dylan Christopher and Colchester New Music. For each event, composers have been invited to submit scores for aspirant pianists – between the levels of grade 1 and grade 5, and no longer than 5 minutes in length – to be considered for the project.Continue reading “Piano Project 2018: An afternoon of new music”

Composing for two harpsichords: some tips from the workshop

Several useful points for composers to consider came out of our recent workshop of new music for two harpsichords: Who wants it? There is no significant professional market for new music for historical instruments. No-one (currently) makes a living from principally performing new pieces full time. In the professional context, a new work usually appearsContinue reading “Composing for two harpsichords: some tips from the workshop”

Writing for everyone

This article is the second of two from Dylan Christopher, Colchester based pianist and composer who is running the Piano Project 2018 project in association with Colchester New Music. Read Dylan’s first article – Playing the new stuff! – here. __ When music is written for virtuoso performers, there are generally no limits.  Anything canContinue reading “Writing for everyone”