Full programme announced for recorder quartet with harpsichord concert

5-Part re-Inventions040616_posterThe complete programme for our recorder quartet with harpsichord concert  with Dulcis Venti and Francis Knights is as follows:

Mountain river Falling leaf Stephen Watkins

Merry-Go-Round Suite (Gavotte – Sarabande – Merry Go Round)Ruth Gramann

Five Part re-InventionRon Hannah

ElegyToby Roundell

CartoonPeter Thorne

Quintet, for four recorders and harpsichord – Jong S. Kim

Quintet for recorder and harpsichord – Olivia Kersey

From the ForestStephen Watkins

Of Beaks and QuillsJanet Wheeler

AlborIvan Moody

The Merry Councellor Suite (Prelude – Gigue – Sarabande), on a theme of
“The Merry Councellor”taken from “Kitty Bridges Pocket Book” 1745
Alison Willis

The Lonely Princess Ron Hannah

AllĂ©gresse – Jenni Pinnock

Time Stood StillStephen Watkins

Harrison meets DaliStephen Watkins

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